The summer has now left us for another year, and winter is fast approaching. The colder weather and early evenings will naturally reduce the amount of time we spend enjoying outside activities. On a brighter note, though, your garden can still be used to great effect. But only if you make the necessary upgrades to maintain its appearance and function.

It might sound daunting, but a few simple updates can make a world of difference to your garden time this winter. Many of the projects will also deliver a plethora of benefits that can be enjoyed when the warmer weather returns. Here’s all you need to know.

Plant Some Evergreen Trees

Winter doesn’t only spell the end of late sunsets. It also signals the time of the year when perennials die and garden spaces begin to look bare. In fact, most of those plants will have died in the weeks leading up to this time. If you want to keep your outside spaces looking pretty, you’ll need to find some suitable evergreens.

The key to success is to find flowers, bushes, and trees that will look great throughout the year. Gardenias are a superb choice as their iconic white petals and green stems will deliver a festive vibe in the winter. This is while bringing natural tones in the summer. Red holly bushes are another great option that adds vibrance in summer and festive tones in winter.

There’s nothing wrong with having some trees and flowers that are dead and won’t return until the spring season. Still, you will probably want your garden to remain a place where you can feel connected with nature and keep your mind relaxed. As such, beautifying the area with smart flower choices is vital.

Install An Artificial Lawn

Flowers aren’t the only living things that die in the winter months. Grass often suffers from winter die-back, leading to sparse growth. This is because of the conditions of low light and airflow. If you continue to use the lawn, it’s likely that it will start to look more like a mud patch than an area of grass. And it’ll be months before normality is restored.

The best way to overcome this issue is to add an artificial lawn. While it does require an initial outlay, you will be left with a low-maintenance solution that looks beautiful in all months. It can remove the need for a lawn mower and avoid the need to use lawn fertilizers. When you take this into consideration, the financial aspects start to look better.

An artificial lawn will provide the perfect foundation for your garden. As well as looking the same, blades will remain the same length. In turn, your garden will retain its function and safety attributes throughout the year. As long as you still have real plants and trees, you won’t lose the connection to nature either.

Add Patio Heaters & Lighting

The winter months do pose fresh obstacles that may stop you from utilizing the garden as well as you’d like. Most notably, you will be less eager to spend time outside when it’s cold and dark. While you cannot do much to change nature, there are ways to deal with adverse weather more effectively. This will extend your garden time with great results.

If you have a garden patio or deck, this is the perfect place to enjoy long winter evenings in peace or with loved ones. A patio heater will combat the coldness while you could also use blankets if required. A lighting installation to the overhead cover can be combined with garden solar lights to create greater visibility and a calm vibe.

Blinds, shutters, and other coverings that can be drawn down to protect your patio also work well. Aside from keeping the warmth in, they can protect you against the wind. This will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. You’ll have the tranquil atmosphere of being in the garden while enjoying the comfy and cozy settings that are seen indoors.

Keep Storage & Cleaning Under Control

Designing and developing a great garden space is one thing, but true success is defined by the ability to keep it that way. When dealing with the poor winter weather, keeping items protected when they are not needed is crucial. A garden shed or storage container can work wonders, thus avoiding damage to products that are primarily kept outside.

Meanwhile, it’s also important to keep items clean. Otherwise, the entire garden space will feel less inviting and attractive. A pressure washer can be your greatest ally when trying to stay on top of cleaning duties. Brick, wood, furniture, and garden apparatus can all be restored to their former glory in no time. So, you can spend more time enjoying those items.

Having the right equipment to stay on top of your garden maintenance is one thing. To see the best results, though, you will also need to adopt winning habits. Any items that could be damaged overnight should be stored away while a weekly clean should be sufficient for most outside spaces. However, sweeping the deck or patio may be a daily ritual at this time.

Upgrade Your Home Security

Finally, as well as building a better garden environment, you must consider the home as a whole. The early nights may potentially put your property at increased risk of unauthorized entry from thieves. Worse still, intruders know that most families will have a lot of new possessions around this time due to the festive season.

This is the perfect time to increase your security by adding surveillance cameras to your property. For the best results, look for solutions with advanced features like remote monitoring. Home alarm systems that instantly notify law enforcement teams when someone breaks into the property are also ideal.

When supported by garden lighting and visibility of both the front garden and backyard, the home will be a far less easy target. Aside from keeping intruders out at all times, it will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. From protecting old assets to the new items you’ve added as a part of your winter preparations, the rewards are clear.