Moving homes is a stressful event, yet millions of Americans relocate every year because they have good reasons. Some do it to switch jobs, some for better safety and amenities, and others for downsizing.  According to nationwide statistics, new remote work opportunities led to a relocation surge, enabling 14-23 million people to relocate in 2022. That’s staggering, right?

Moving rates vary state-wise in the country. Let’s consider the example of California. According to the American Community Survey, about 7.7 million people moved from the state, and 5.8 million people moved to it from 2010 through 2021. San Diego accounts for big numbers for outgoing moves since the cost of living here is 44% higher than the national average.

Whatever your reasons for relocation, you will probably feel anxious about starting from scratch at a new place. Transporting your stuff is perhaps the most challenging part, and things get even harder if you own high-value décor assets. What if something breaks in transit? The loss may run into thousands of dollars.

You will be surprised that the average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime. Many of them have valuable belongings, so you are not alone in worrying about your antique furniture, precious artwork, and delicate glassware. The good thing is that there are ways to handle these fragile belongings with care and ensure they reach their destination safely. Let’s share a few tips to help.

Ditch the DIY Mindset in the First Place

Relocation is a complex process, so the last thing you should do is take a DIY approach. Professional help is non-negotiable if you have a high-value home with expensive décor items. You have peace of mind regarding the proper packing, handling, storage, and transit of your expensive assets. Professionals have the requisite experience, packing materials, and equipment to take care of all these aspects.

Everything boils down to finding a mover you can trust for the job. Fortunately, there are several options across the country. If you plan to move from or within San Diego, search for Movers in San Diego online to get a list in a few clicks. However, you must choose wisely when your precious assets are at stake. Finch Moving & Storage is one of the providers serving in areas like San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose.

The company website lists all the service areas for homeowners looking to relocate. It also has a query form to get a quote for relocation. All a homeowner has to do is share a few basic details about the move to get an estimate for the project without even stepping out. But it is crucial to share expectations regarding the packing and handling of valuable décor pieces.

Declutter and Take Inventory

While hiring a mover gives you a head start when it comes to relocating high-value assets, you must do your bit. Why not minimize your truckload by purging the extra stuff? Home relocation is a good opportunity to declutter and downsize, so you must make the most of it. Having fewer things to move means you can give extra care to your expensive belongings.

You may find it hard to give up on stuff with sentimental value, but it is a sensible approach. After a declutter project, take inventory of your assets and segregate them according to value. This way, you can let your movers know about the things that require additional attention. Discuss things like packing material and handling instructions in advance to avoid stress.

Consider insurance coverage

You may have homeowners insurance, but these policies won’t cover your assets while you move. Your mover may have some coverage, but you must go the extra mile for high-value items. Discuss the coverage options with your mover in the first place, and do not hesitate to pay a little more for extra protection.

Consider moving insurance for your valuable belongings, as it offers reimbursement even if your movers break or lose anything in transit. While it may seem like an added cost during relocation, you will feel far safer with the cushion. Look for adequate coverage instead of cutting corners because your precious décor is worth the care!


Owning precious décor items makes you a proud homeowner, but it can double the relocation stress. However, you shouldn’t let anxiety take over. Collaborating with a reliable mover can make the process a breeze.

Once you have them on board, you need not worry about safeguarding your artwork, furniture, and glassware, no matter how expensive and fragile they are. Let the experts handle them, and you can focus on the other aspects!