A proof of rent payment letter is used by landlords to provide a verification of the property address and also to formally confirm that rent is being paid on time. The letter is often requested by lenders who are seeking documentation regarding these terms below:

  • Name of tenant
  • Address of tenant
  • Monthly rent amount
  • Start and end date of lease
  • Potential rent increase amounts forthcoming
  • Timeliness (or delays) in rent payments

If you're a landlord and you need to provide formal documentation to your tenant, scroll down to see our rent payment template - which can be copied and pasted into an email or a Microsoft Word document.

If you want to write your own letter, here are a few tips to guide you through writing a proof of rent payment letter for your tenant. You can also check out our other tips for managing rental properties.

Steps for Writing a Proof of Rent Payment Letter for Tenants

Remember, the purpose of the letter is simply to provide written evidence that the tenant has paid consistently. It's in effect a rent receipt - similar to a proof of payment.

Here are three tips to consider as a landlord when creating a rent payment letter:

Include Pertinent Tenant & Lease Information

Proof of rent payment letters often include information on a tenant that proves that they are currently renting and have a good record of paying rent on time. In the letter, include the following information on a business letterhead if possible:

  • Rental property address
  • Rent price
  • The purpose/intent of the letter
  • Confirmation that your tenant has paid rent on time
  • Your contact information
  • Your signature and date
  • Reference specific rental agreement terms if relevant, such as the rental period

Don't Reveal Unnecessary Personal Information

Remember to avoid sharing sensitive personal information about yourself or the tenant. For example, if you're aware of a unique financial circumstance of the tenant, it might be damaging to mentioning it in the letter.

Share the Letter With the Lender or Bank

After you’ve completed the letter, share the letter with the lender or bank that is requesting it. Often times the lender will require that it come directly from the landlord. If not, simply email or mail the letter directly to your tenant.

Proof of Rent Payment Letter Sample Template

Below is a proof of rent payment template, provided by rental software company - which you can cut/paste:


On Behalf of "Tenant Name(s)":

Regarding Property Address:

To whom it may concern,

I am the [LANDLORD/PROPERTY MANAGER] for [ADDRESS]. This letter is a formal verification that the tenant, [TENANT NAME], is currently residing in my rental property located at [ADDRESS] for [DURATION]. [TENANT NAME] moved in on [MOVE-IN DATE] for a lease term of [LEASE DURATION], which is set to expire on [EXPIRE DATE].

My tenant currently pays [RENT PRICE] per month and has a strong history of making on-time rent payments. They have proven to be a reliable tenant.

If you have any questions for me, I can be reached at [CONTACT EMAIL or PHONE].



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