Today I’m sharing with you a few ideas that can really modernise and revitalise your bathroom without too much effort. While it’s difficult to replicate the luxury spa-like feeling that we see in magazines and in celebrity homes on a budget, it’s still important to feel like your bathroom is a haven to escape to when life gets hectic!

These tips won’t just help your bathroom look contemporary and elegant, but will no doubt go a long way in adding value to your house when it comes time to sell.

Try new paint or even some wallpaper

It might sound obvious, but a fresh coat of paint can really do wonders for your bathroom’s overall appearance. Regardless of whether you’re shifting from a plain white to a vibrant green, or even vice versa, this new colour will continue to dazzle you every time you enter the bathroom. Take a look at what’s trending in the world of bathroom paints and see for yourself.

Bathroom wallpaper is no longer as tacky as many people make it out to be. There are fantastic designs that can completely transform the area, and experts often state to go wild when it comes to choosing wallpaper. The bathroom is seen as the one part of the home where you can get a bit zany with your decoration. You could paint the bathroom door, shelving, and cabinets for an extra transformation.

Switch up the fixtures and fittings

It’s rare that you can’t find a few items to update and I think it’s fair to say that people forget about the little things. Small changes are often the ones we notice the most!

While I’d always recommend going for a heated towel rack (the difference is instantaneous), you could also swap out the cabinet handles and even the tap. Most bathroom mixer taps can get grimy after a while, so it’s good to see what modern options are available for your home for added cleanliness and style.

Artificial geometric tiles

It goes without saying that bathroom floor tiles are beautiful and can revitalise an outdated space, but they are often very costly to install.. This is why I advise using a vinyl floor, or click flooring,  covering with a lovely geometric tile pattern, to give  your floor the appearance of tiling without the high cost.

Pick up some fancy bathmats

If your bathroom mats are mismatched and are beginning to look tattered and old, spending money on fancy replacements will be a treat and instantly improve the room's appeal. It's lovely to step out of the bath or shower and put your feet on something warm and cosy. Don't skimp on the mats, as this added luxury can be a real winner!

Don't forget to switch up the showerhead

While a better showerhead may undoubtedly improve your washing experience, it also upgrades the aesthetic of the bathroom. This kind of bathroom renovation is cost-effective yet stylish. In many cases, replacing the showerhead just involves removing the old model and installing the new one with minimal fuss.

Eliminate excess clutter

Organising your bathroom countertops, streamlining your shower's accessories, and using storage alternatives are all good ideas to make your bathroom feel less cluttered and help give it a cosy feel. 

Therefore, limit the number of items on display i the bathroom by adding a bathroom vanity, additional shelving with elegant boxes, or a shower niche. Even installing a mirror with a built-in cabinet can make all the difference.