Atlanta has long been labeled as the “Capital of the New South” with its booming new developments around every corner. The city offers everything that any major city should: world-class restaurants, thriving art and culture, a plethora of great entertainment options, an inclusive community, and job opportunities galore.

While many have moved to the suburbs and more rural areas over the past few years, the city still offers amazing benefits to those who choose live here. If you are considering making a move towards the city, here are four benefits of living in or around Atlanta.

1.) Larger Selection of Jobs and Opportunities

The vast array of job opportunities is one of the biggest draws to city life. Major cities tend to be huge hubs for company headquarters and offices. Atlanta alone is home to many major corporate headquarters such as Delta Airlines, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Newell Rubbermaid, and United States Parcel Service. There are also numerous hospitals in Atlanta such as Emory University that provide numerous jobs in the healthcare field.

Atlanta is also a well renowned leader in top thriving industries such as supply chain management, health and health IT, film and television, and technology. While the competition for these types of jobs may be a bit higher in the city, the pay is usually quite a bit more than what is is typically found outside of the city.

In addition to the vast job opportunities, there are also numerous opportunities for increasing your employability and boosting your resume through higher education and training. There are 15 colleges and universities in Atlanta offering several great degree and certification programs. Through these schools, as well as through local professional groups, you are sure to find endless networking opportunities and professional workshops.

2.) Quality School Systems

Just as Atlanta provides quality jobs, but they also provide top-tier education. This includes the colleges and universities previously mentioned, in addition to the K-12 public and private schools. Schools in more urban areas tend to have a much higher proportion of qualified teachers, less likely to experience staff shortages, and often have more resources to offer their students. Schools in and around Atlanta are no exception to this.

DeKalb County and Fulton County, the two counties that take up much of Atlanta, are home to many incredible and diverse public schools with high student performance rates. Of course, that doesn’t include the wonderful public school districts located in the Atlanta metro area in cities like Marietta, Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, and Duluth.

For those who prefer private school education for their families, Atlanta offers plenty of private schools to choose from that offer rigorous curriculum. These include those that are faith-based, as well as those that are not. Some of Atlanta’s most reputable private schools include The Westminster Schools, The Lovett School, Woodward Academy, Pace Academy, and Atlanta International School.

3.) Proximity to Entertainment, Event and Conveniences

Aside from career opportunities, the proximity to entertainment and conveniences are another huge benefit of living in or near Atlanta. There is a reason cities attract more tourists than rural ones. Atlanta is filled with entertainment venues such as restaurants, shops, parks, nightlife, museums, and more. There are also always the popular attractions such as The Georgia Aquarium, Ponce City Market, and Atlanta Botanical Gardens that draw in both tourists and locals alike.

That doesn’t even begin to include the public events that can be found throughout the city on any given day. Just a quick walk through Piedmont Park or any intown Atlanta neighborhood could introduce you to a new event and new people to meet. While the metro area may be a bit spread out, local events are still in abundance there, and only a quick drive to even more intown. Living in or near Atlanta, you will surely never run out of things to do.

While all of attractions and events are always nice, you also want proximity to conveniences like grocery stores, gas stations, medical facilities, transportation, work, churches, and more. Depending on where you live in or near Atlanta, these conveniences are sometimes just a quick walk down the street or a block away. At the very most, it may just be a short drive to your destination. Having all of these  conveniences convenient to you makes life significantly easier and worry-free.

4.) Cultural Diversity

Cities are vibrant and thriving cultural centers that offer its communities opportunities to engage, experience, and learn. Atlanta played a huge role in the civil rights movement which continues to be reflected in the city's culture today. The city is home to the Atlanta University Center Consortium which consists of four historically black colleges and universities (HBCU). The city also prides itself in its black-owned businesses which are located throughout Atlanta.

Atlanta is also incredibly friendly towards the LGBT with many local businesses, bars, clubs actively showcasing their acceptance and support. Over the past few decades, other ethnic and cultural groups have found their way to the city, with large Hispanic, East Asian, and African communities becoming more prominent. North Atlanta areas like Chamblee, Doraville, Norcross, and Duluth have been especially transformed by these immigrant groups.

Each of these communities has greatly influenced the city in their own unique way. They have brought with them new ideas, foods, music, traditions, art, events, and so much more. Atlanta and metro cities around it work hard to embrace its unique cultural diversity and create an space where everyone feels welcome.


There are many great benefits of living in or around Atlanta. Whether you are looking for new job opportunities or a diverse community to live in, you are sure to find whatever you are looking for here.

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